More on Bongs

From popular questions and concerns, to rare types of bongs. I will answer all your questions!

Mark said: What are those weird glass things inside the glass bong?
Good question, Mark! These are called percolators and your smoke runs through them, gets split up, then carries on travelling towards the mouth piece ready to be inhaled. You will notice that these bongs have a higher price but IMO it is well worth it.


Simon said: What different types of bongs are currently for sale?

These days, bongs are available in a wide variety of material, shape, and size. You can choose from a range of ceramic, bamboo, acrylic, and glass bongs of various designs and sizes to accommodate your individual taste and preference.

You can get basic bongs for as low as $10. A more sophisticated high-end model can set you back by at least $1000.

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