Looking for Bongs?

There are many advantages to buying a bong online.

Bongs are cheaper online. HerbTools online headshop does not have to contend with a big overhead. It does not have to pay rent or maintain many individuals on its payroll. A shop that operates online gets to save on a lot of expenses. And usually, they pass on these savings to their customers by way of selling their products at a much cheaper rate than those sold on high street.

Some individuals want to make sure that they really are getting the best of the lot when they look for a bong to buy. With the many types available on high street, going through half the products available can be a pretty daunting task – not to mention tiring and stressful. But when you decide to peruse what is available online, you can take your sweet time.

Buying your Bong Online

Online shopping makes things easy for you. Many online shops provide you with multiple categories and filters so you can narrow down your choice. There may be a variety of bongs. However, these bongs are presented in categories like type, material, brand, height, thickness, and other similar attributes. You only need to look at those items which interest you.

Moreover, buying bongs online is discreet. You shop in private and receive your bong at home through discreet delivery.



Nothing Beats Glass Bongs

There are many bongs to choose from – acrylic, ceramic, wood, and plastic. Some of these bongs are arguably cheaper and more durable. However, for me, nothing beats using glass bongs for giving me the ultimate smoking experience.

Glass bongs definitely look way better than bongs made from other material. Glass bongs look are stylish and classy. There are many designs – some trendy and cool, others chic and classy. Using glass bongs that look beautiful add to my smoking pleasure.


I also feel that I get cooler hits with glass bongs. I can easily see if my bongs are clean and fresh – and easily clean them out if they are not. It definitely is much nicer to smoke out of bongs that are immaculately clean and fresh.

There are so many varieties of glass bongs to choose from that I am always able to indulge my preferences. If I want to make sure that the water in my bong is clear, I use a bong made of clear glass. If I want to smoke while lying on my hammock, I use a bent glass bong so that I get the smoke directed towards me even if I am not sitting straight up. If I am in the mood for happy colors, I use my bongs made of colorful glass.

Glass Bongs

If you ask any herb smoker or stoner what the best type of bong to use for smoking is, don’t be surprised if most, if not all, of them will immediately go for a glass bong! Already considered as a classic, the glass bong is the most popular and most preferred device of the majority in the smoking community. First-timers and full-fledged smokers alike go gaga over glass bongs for numerous reasons. You should visit herbtools for bongs because of their cheap prices.

Glass is a good conductor of heat, so smoking herbs is easier and faster. However, this type of bong does not heat up easily on the outside, not like a metal or plastic bong, making it more comfortable and convenient for smokers to hold and use it.

Since glass is clear, smokers can see the white smoke as they slowly swirl and fill the bong’s chamber and tubes. This adds to the overall euphoria of the whole smoking experience.

With regular use, the transparent surface of a glass bong gets smokier and dirtier. The subtle alteration in the colors of the glass gives the bong an interesting look and a rugged character as it gets older.

When exposed to prolonged heat, other types of bongs tend to have some chemical reaction which gives additional, but unwanted, taste to the smoke that they produce. On the other hand, glass bongs are very durable and they can sustain extreme temperatures without reacting to it. This results to a full-bodied, full-flavored smoke from the heated herb without the ugly aftertaste.


Whether you’re in the mood for a quick smoke fix, or you want to go all-out with friends in a smoking party, a glass bong will surely give you a good time and that great high.

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